关键词1. 表转折

  but, however, yet, in fact, on the other hand;

  A, but B: 否定A而肯定B,则A,B两部分内容是相反的。

  例如:Computerized data storage and electronic mail were to have heralded the paper less office. But, contrary to expectations, paper consumption throughout the world shows no sign of abating .

  解释:paper less 表示负向,则but后no sign of abating 表示正向,所以abating是表示负向的词。


  练习:The marginal costs of generating electricity from nuclear energy may be tiny, but , as the technology now stands, huge and uncertain costs are involved in building the power stations, dealing with spent fuel, and decommissioning.


  关键词2. 表让步

  (1)although:although A, B:尽管有A,B还是出现了(A,B互不影响)若A是正,那B就是负的。

  例如:Although the world regards Asia as the focus of an economic and industrial miracle, without adequate supplies of food, Lampe says, chaos could easily result in many countries.



  A. although:虽然,尽管

  B. as long as:只要

  C. whereas, but:表转折


  E. n. 表一段时间

  例如:While ducks offer many advantages over hens, they must be given greater quality of food, especially if regular eggs are desired.



  例如:Albeit true but not now.

  关键词3. 表并列:A and B

  A...and B...

  (1) 并列双方性质相同;

  (2) 当A、B都比较复杂时,应该从最后一项找起,根据B的形式到前文找到A

  例如:The modern city consists of monstrous edifices and of dark, narrow streets full of petrol fumes and toxic gases, torn by the noise of the taxicabs, lorries and buses, and thronged ceaselessly by great crowds.

  解释:此句话中共有四个and ,第一个and 并列of 结构,第二个and 并列fumes和toxic,第三个and并列taxicabs, lorries 和buses, 第四个and并列full of …, torn by… 和thronged…

  关键词4 表递进

  A furthermore B

  A moreover B

  A besides B

  A为正向,B 仍为正向。

  关键词5 表顺序或过程

  (1) first, then, next, later on, finally

  (2) 1st, 2nd, 3rd…

  (3) in the first place, in the second place…

  (4) before…, after…

  (5) once, until, as soon as,…

  关键词6 特殊的关键词

  人名,地名,时间,数字,生词(这是最好的定位标准,多以A---A ? 形式重现)



  (1) as…as, like 类比

  (2) more…than, unlike 对比

  (3) 不同的时间导致强的对比关系




  问题是,2003年人们有了A++, 1840年的时候人们没有什么?

  (4) 不同的地点导致强对比关系

  例如:In Australia, only,….

  In Asia, many, A(生词)


  关键词8. 因果关系:

  (1) 大因果关系/分句间因果关系(即:原因、结果是两句话)

  because, in that, as, since, for, so(that), therefore, thus, hence, as a result

  (2) 小因果关系/句内因果关系(在一句话中,通过v.来表达)

  例如:Increased air temperature brought about higher sea levels.

  Cause, lead to, result in/ from, contribute to, pose, help, create, affect, influence, attribute to.

  Attribute A to B, 把A归因于B (因为B所以A)